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Hey there, this is me jacob and this page is designed to let you know that from now on I'll try to contribute more to github to create better software. but I think there are certain limitations in this github pages, better to code in my hosting instead.

so there are 3 type of website that I created, a chat system that you can find in chatting and a forum that you can use to share stuff and my blog that happened to chronicle my daily life struggle with coding

I also created calculator applet and already hosted it. so that people can use it. to use this applet than you need to open it in firefox (as chrome and opera didn't support java plugin) and also to whitelist the domain http://jacobian.xyz/calc in your java settings.

and also the applet only run on desktop browser as android didn't have support for java applet. for more info of my created website then you can visit here

I just added another planet aggregator, this is useful to gather interesting post into single website. feel free to visit it then